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Konjac Sponge Company

Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge Puff


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100% Natural | Vegan | Free of Synthetic Colors and Additives | Biodegradable

Deeply cleanse and exfoliate oily or acne-prone skin with this konjac sponge.  Made with 100% pure konjac vegetable fibre to naturally exfoliate and moisturize.  Added bamboo from charcoal contains activated carbon & various minerals that fight acne causing bacteria.  Bamboo Charcoal helps detoxify pores and absorb and remove excess oil.  Ideal for those with problematic skin, especially teens and those prone to breakouts. *For facial use.  Made with a convenient string attached.


Before using, plunge into water and squeeze several times.  Gently massage damp sponge onto face using circular motions.  Cleanser is optional.  (Bamboo Charcoal added to the sponge helps absorb excess oil and purify pores.)  Rinse and squeeze out excess water.  Hang in a cool and ventilated area to air dry.  Use daily, morning and evening.  Re-hydrate sponge in warm water at every use.


Do not store in the shower.  A damp environment will shorten the life of the sponge and it will start to decompose.  The sponge should last 1-3 months depending on how well it is treated.  Replace the sponge as soon as it begins to look tired or starts to break down.  


100% pure konjac vegetable fibre, bamboo charcoal.  

SIze: Approx. 3"

*Sponges are shipped fully dry.  Responsibly hand made in Korea.