Gro-To Skincare for Babies and Kids


Gro-To is the brainchild of Zoë Foster Blake, founder of Australian skincare line Go-To, author, and mother of two.  Zoë knew a lot of her followers and Go-To customers had kids because they were forever asking her which products she used on her kids and what she trusted enough to recommend. Zoë was also aware of how… non-fun the baby and kid bath and body market was. Her home, and her kid’s bedroom and wardrobe was full of bright color, and rad toys and cool imagery… but their bath and skin products were always white, and dull, or covered in small baby ducks or bunnies.

Why couldn’t baby and kid’s skin care be as fun and playful as the rest of the stuff in their world? It could. And would be! This was something kids would feel ownership over, that would be clearly identifiable as theirs, for their bodies, their bath time, their bed time. Because it was.

That's when Gro-To was born - made in Australia and founded in 2016, Gro-To is a clean, effective, and delightful edit of very useful, very safe products for babies and kids that parents can really trust, and kids really love using.  Gro-To makes kids skin care fun- it's cute, clean, and worry-free!