Kjaer Weis

Red Edition Refillable Compact

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These lightweight textured paper compacts from Kjaer Weis are a travel-friendly alternative to their traditional Iconic series compacts.  

First, choose your product and shade, and then choose your case to customize your Kjaer Weis product sustainably and complete your makeup look.

Kjaer Weis created The Red Edition custom makeup compacts as another way to innovate and introduce sustainability to the beauty world. This glossy red paper edition is a permanent spinoff to Kjaer Weis' iconic silver packaging. The Red Edition is refillable, and also 100% recyclable and compostable.


HOW TO FILL: Peel the white sticker and simply place the refill tin into the empty Red Edition case. The adhesive inside will keep your product in place.

HOW TO REFILL: The Red Edition case can be refilled 2-3 times depending on use. Open up your compact, and turn it facing down. You will see a small hole. Using a pin, push through the hole until the used makeup cartridge is dislodged. Insert the new makeup refill into the Red Edition compact. Both the tin and the refill carton can be recycled. You Kjaer Weis makeup is ready to use, again!

HOW TO RECYCLE: Pop out the tin pan — the easiest way is by pushing the pan out through the hole using a Bobby pin, pencil tip. Pull the perforated tabs at the lid and the base of the Red Edition compact to reveal the magnet underneath. Pull out magnets and safely dispose of the revealed magnet in the garbage. Peel the clear adhesive off the Red Edition compact that’s under the pan.

Spilled on your Red Edition product by accident? If it’s at all damaged, don’t worry. The Red Edition is 100% paper, so if your compact is saturated with any kind of product or oil it can be composted rather than recycled.