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Z Palette

Double Sided Z Palette


The Double-Sided Z Palette features a durable, reinforced clear window and an empty, magnetic base on each side. It allows you TWICE the storage while still keeping all of your makeup in ONE easy place. Extra-strength magnetic closures on each side ensure the Double-Sided Z Palette will remain securely shut, no matter which side is facing up. Each side of the Double-Sided Z Palette is comparable in size to the LARGE Z Palette. Whether you organize eye shadows on one side and blushes on the other, or foundations on one side and powders on the other, the combinations are truly endless! The eco-friendly Double Sided Palette is made of high-quality, recyclable materials.

    Includes: 40pcs Metal Stickers (20pc Round, 20pc Square)

    Size: 8" L x 5" W x 1 1/8" D (Outside)

             7.44"L x 4.13" W x 0.25" D (Inside)


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