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When your skin does an effective job at closing and healing a wound, whether be from deep-set acne, childbirth or a run-of-the-mill bump or scrape, the new collagen and repaired skin can look different from the skin around it, resulting in a scar. One of the best ways to treat a scar is to take care of the skin while it’s mending, using nutrients and plant-based oils to encourage more uniform healing. But, many times, even with diligent attention, scars can form. That’s where our natural scar treatments come in. They utilize natural and powerful plant and herbal ingredients that have been shown to help diminish the appearance of scars, and encourage skin renewal.

Traditional treatments are often based on silicone, which creates a barrier on your skin, not allowing it to breathe, and potentially trapping dirt, debris and bacteria. It can also inhibit the production of new cell growth, which your skin needs in order to repair the scar tissue. Instead, we recommend relying on collagen-boosting, skin-brightening and renewal-promoting scar care ingredients like vitamin E, vitamin C and tamanu oil. You’ll find these, and so many more skin-loving ingredients, in our scar healing products. Bonus: They smell and feel great when applied!