Moss Skincare

Behold Seaweed + Coffee Active Lipid Eye Cream


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A lightweight, powerful, non-irritating and non-comedogenic eye cream composed of butters and oils that is beeswax and shea butter free.

Addresses dark eye circles with an exotic ingredient array that includes Vitamin K1 rich green spinach oil, and Vitamin K2 rich organic ghee. Fenugreek CO2 and Butcher’s Broom create a powerful synergy and work to lighten dark eye circles as well.

Green coffee bean oil and Coffee CO2 extract work synergistically to help tighten and firm sagging skin. Puffy skin is soothed and neutralized with Cypress, Nettle and Arnica, which get lymph moving, bring down swelling and offer rest and relief.

Horsetail helps rebuild collagen and firm skin and Castor Bean smoothes and prevents fine lines.

Kokum butter is astringent and often used in anti-aging formulas, as it helps to tighten skin and restore youthful elasticity.

A powerful concert of four CO2 extracts including coffee and sea buckthorn offer an impressive spectrum of antioxidant activity, as well as bountiful nourishment.

Has a subtle earthy scent.

Size: 7 ml


Apply a very small amount by gently tapping under the eye area morning and evening.


Green coffee bean oil, Spinach seed oil, Kokum butter, Castor bean oil, Algae oil, Ghee, Tomato seed oil, Elderberry extract, Olive oil, In-house oil extractions of Horsetail, Nettle, Fennel, Butcher’s Broom and Bilberry, CO2 extracts of Coffee, Evening primrose, Fenugreek CO2, Arnica, Sea buckthorn berry, Proprietary Therapeutic EO blend (includes Chamomile, Cypress, Rosemary and more).