Aster + Bay

Indigo Therapy Oil - Blue Tansy + Blue Yarrow


Description +

Aster + Bay Indigo Therapy Oil is a potent blend of four anti-inflammatory essential oils in a base of cold-pressed grapeseed oil. All four essential oils contain azulene - a component of certain plants that is released during steam distillation, and which is known for producing a vivid blue color. These azulene-rich oils are excellent for treating inflammation and pain in mild conditions such as bug bites, rashes, allergic reactions, acne and sunburns.

Made with 100% organic and wild-harvested essential oils.

Ingredient benefits:

+ Blue Tansy: Known for it's ability to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and redness, as well as treat allergies. It's sweet, herbal scent is calming and relieves headaches and anxiety.

+ Blue Chamomile: A potent anti-inflammatory which is also excellent for sensitive skin and calming irritation.

+ Blue Yarrow: Cooling and astringent. Excellent for treating "hot" skin conditions.

+ Blue Cypress: With it's spicy, woody scent, blue cypress is grounding and helps to dispel negative emotions. Also a natural insect repellent.

Has a sweet chamomile scent.

Size: 0.33 oz / 10 ml 

Packaged in a glass bottle with a stainless steel rollerball applicator.


Apply directly to skin with rollerball applicator. Do not apply to broken skin. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.


Vitis vinifera (grapeseed) oil, Tanacetum annuum (blue tansy) oil**, Matricaria chamomilla (blue chamomile) oil*, Achillea millefolium (blue yarrow) oil*, Callitris columellaris (blue cypress) oil.** 
* organic, ** wildharvested


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