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Did you know that essential oils can not only be beneficial when applied topically, but they can be restorative and health-promoting when inhaled? Yep, beautiful scents crafted from essential oils can actually have mood-boosting, brain-focusing, anxiety-soothing and completely grounding properties. When we inhale essential oils, some of the most potent parts of a plant, we engage our limbic system, which helps regulate emotions and behaviors. You can awaken your senses and help to manage your stress with all-natural essential oils, candles, incense and room sprays from Fontana Candle Co., Province Apothecary, Lotus Wei and milk + honey.

What’s more, we’ve researched and tested each brand and product we carry, and we know that they source their essential oils from reputable producers. This is very important when we’re talking about essential oils, because they’re the distilled portions of plants, and can be incredibly powerful. Because they’re hyper concentrated, you want to be sure you know where your oils are coming from, how they’re sourced and what care is taken to ensure purity. You won’t find unnecessary additives in these blends either—just pure essential and plant carrier oils. That makes these natural essential oils for sale stand out from others on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a blend to keep at your desk to infuse your day with energy, or you’re hoping to snag a scent that helps lull you to sleep, you’ll find our selection of aromatherapy products for sale can help fulfill your day and nighttime dreams.