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Whether you’re a new mom in the throes of raising a brand-spankin’ new baby, or you’re a mom whose kids are old enough to be in school, this collection of natural, safe and effective products is specifically curated for you.

We know how much energy it takes, energy you’re thrilled to give, to support a child. So, we’ve helped create a shortcut by assembling a collection of toxin-free beauty products & skin care for moms like you. These are the brands (like Zoe Organics,  Osmia, Blissoma, 100% Pure, Kahina Giving Beauty, Laurel and more) that we use to make our lives a little easier. Why? Because not only do they work, but they’re also made from ingredients we trust to be around our kids, whether that’s while we were breastfeeding or while our kids were prone to get into just about everything.

We don’t want any products with potentially toxic ingredients in our house at all, but we’ve been especially cautious as our kids are growing. These beauty products for moms, from scar treatments and nipple balms to powerful eye creams and mood-boosting essential oil blends, are all designed to both support you as a mom, and to be part of whatever your self-care ritual looks like now. We’ve used them as part of our routine or as a miniature vacation when we only have a few minutes to ourselves a day. We can attest that they’ll help you feel restored and rejuvenated, all while being trustworthy, natural and safe.