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Mukti Organics


Mukti Organics' wide range of clinically acclaimed and multi-award winning organic natural skin care products contain potent, bioactive cellular extracts derived from their native Australian flora. That's where powerful ingredients like the native Kakadu Plum come into play. This magical (okay, maybe even mystical) fruit contains the highest concentration of nutrient-available Vitamin C, keeping your beautiful face resilient and protected from free-radical damage. So of course, it's a mainstay ingredient in many of Mukti's formulas.

Beyond the transformative powers of Australia's berries, nuts, roots, leaves, and seeds, Mukti Organics incorporates Bioactive Peptides in their organic & natural skin care products. These naturally occurring short chain amino acids act as messengers in our bodies. So when applied topically, they signal our skin to produce new collagen and can even strengthen other proteins in skin such as keratin and elastin, counteracting signs of aging.

Mukti not only pioneers the natural, organic beauty space, it competes with mainstream brands in its performance, boasting an extensive line of products that effectively address specific skin types and concerns, from acne and aging to scarring and hyperpigmentation.

This line is truly as beautiful as it is potent with its gorgeous textures, incredible scents, and transformative formulas. Shop these certified organic skin care products below.