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EVOLVh haircare


Pioneers in clean and natural haircare since 2009, EVOLVh delivers biology-driven, science-based, high-performance products using natural and organic ingredients - for transformative visible results in all hair types. 

Boris Oak is the founder of EVOLVh Luxury Natural Haircare. Boris’ vision was to create high performance hair products using natural and organic ingredients. “My mom is a hairdresser and opened her salon when I was 12. The salon also happened to be next door to an amazing health food store. We were always either at the salon or next door shopping for supplements and healthy snacks, so the seeds for what would become EVOLVh were planted in me at a very early age,” Boris explains in sharing his clean beauty origin story. 

EVOLVh hair products are known for their high concentrations of short-chain amino and fatty acids as well as powerful botanicals that produce visible improvement in hair texture and appearance from the very first use. 

The formulations use the most advanced PhytoBlend technology containing unique blends of natural active ingredients and produce visible results you can see and feel. Every product in the line does multiple jobs, and is highly effective. Experience EVOLVh natural, organic hair care products - your hair will become more revitalized, renewed, restored, youthful, vibrant, soft, and manageable.