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Shaving, whether you’re talking about your face, legs, pits or bits, is an exfoliating process by nature. You’re not just removing hair—you’re also removing a layer of skin cells when you swipe that razor on your skin. So, when you’re shaving regularly, it’s important to add to your routine products that hydrate, soothe, calm and cool.

That starts with the natural shaving soap or cream you use to help guide your razor and protect your complexion, and ends with your soothing after-shave ritual. Because shaving naturally exfoliates your skin, ensuring you have a pH-balanced shaving cream or soap that won’t additionally dry out or irritate is a must. A natural shaving cream or soap that helps create a slippery, not squeaky clean, surface on your skin can also help prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, and reduce the number of times you have to swipe over the same spot. Post shave, a cooling and soothing mist with healing and redness-reducing ingredients can keep your skin balanced, and help avoid irritation. Adding a hydrating balm or moisturizer as your final step after shaving will help skin remain calm, and prevent dryness.

From brands like Osmia, Ursa Major, Lady Suite and CV Skinlabs, you’ll find a few of our favorites could become your must-haves for shaving.