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LEPAAR Luxury skincare


Awaken your skin's super powers with biodynamic skincare, composed with sun-infused whole plant extracts made from botanicals grown on founders, Johanna + Christo Everingham's 100 acre property in Australia's pristine Kangaroo Valley. 

LEPAAR Wholistic Luxury Skincare products are deeply complex, synergistic compositions that honor the body’s largest organ, awaken your skin's intrinsic regenerative powers, and energize life force.   The small-batch formulas are composed and hand-blended with the Moon cycle, following biodynamic principles, natural processes and reverence for ancestral wisdom.  The line is wholistic in creation and purpose, harnessing the true luxuries of this world – the pristine gifts of Nature.

LEPAAR skincare is for the conscious human. Wise women and men seeking to nurture their body, centre their soul, and lift their spirit. Naturally synergistic, wholistic skincare that remind people that the powers of Suns, Moon and Stars can be captured in processes ancient and healing.