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In the beauty and personal care world, men’s grooming isn’t always at the forefront. In place of real options, men are often only offered three or five-in-one formulas, which can be convenient but lack efficacy. That’s not the case here, in our collection of natural facial skin care for men.

We know you likely want efficiency in your routine (trust us, we do too), but you can find high-performance, natural products that fit into your daily life with our tried and tested facial skin care for men. Lots of traditional men’s skin care products are formulated with ingredients like silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates and phenoxyethanol—ingredients that can leave your skin feeling dehydrated, irritated or itchy. Artificial fragrances (hello, mountain mist scents) also abound. But you don’t need any of that to get face care that improves your skin, soothes irritation and doesn’t require a 20-minute morning routine (unless you want that—we’ve got options for you too).

The selection of face care products we carry, from facial moisturizers & cleansers for men to overnight treatments, are meant to make your skin care routine simple, easy and effective. With ingredients sourced from plants, botanicals, herbs, oils and butters, brands like Ursa Major, Josh Rosebrook, LILFOX, Osmia and Blissoma offer high quality formulas that produce the results you want, whether that’s clearer skin, a more even-toned complexion or a reduction in irritation. Start simple or dive all the way in. Either way, we know you’ll find something you (and your skin) can get excited about.