de Mamiel

de Mamiel

de Mamiel botaniques products use nature’s finest ingredients to treat, soothe, balance and renew you and your skin every day. The formulas are both artisanal and highly advanced, blending therapeutic essential oils with affirming flower essences, skin-perfecting probiotics and peptides and skin-brightening precious gem powders. This is skincare that doesn’t cut any cosmetic corners – every process is intensely thorough to ensure that what you put onto your skin is not only as pure as possible, but that the experience is always sensorially exquisite. You’ll see, smell, and feel the benefits of Botaniques from first usage.

de Mamiel skincare products are beyond organic, because they involve a level of love, care and dedication that reaches into every intimate stage of their production cycle. That includes a unique meditation and chant at each stage of creation which brings a vibrational energy to each batch made. The result? Natural products for skin which are inherently mindful – redolent of where they come from, and tangibly ‘vital’. A reminder for us to slow down, breathe, enjoy using them and take the time to care for ourselves.

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