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Sometimes our scalps and strands need a little more love than our shampoo and conditioner can provide. That nourishment can come from the addition of an all-natural hair treatment to your routine. Whether you’re suffering from too-dry strands or you’re hoping to detox your locks, we’ve got a moisturizing or hydrating hair treatment to help.

Not suffering from a mini hair crisis? Prevention is the best tool to keep your locks strong, shiny and healthy (plus, we totally recommend a hair mask once a week as a particularly luxurious self-care ritual). Because you won’t find ingredients like parabens, sulfates, dimethicone, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance and artificial colorings/pigment in any of our hair styling products, you can trust that these won’t just be stop-gap measures to patch up your hair concern. Instead, our natural hair treatment products from brands like Yarok, Josh Rosebrook, Innersense and Rahua, utilize ingredients sourced from plants and botanicals that penetrate deeply and contribute to healthy hair long-term. They provide necessary vitamins and minerals that can help moisturize and hydrate, detox and strengthen, protect and renew. We keep a few of these on our must-have list to perk up our locks both for an immediate benefit and for a lasting change.