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What’s more soothing than soft, supple, hydrated hands and feet? While most of us readily pay attention to the potions we smooth onto our face, it can be easy to neglect our appendages, even though they do some of our most important daily work for us! Treat your hands and feet, which work so hard for you, with a little extra love as you indulge in some of our natural hand soaps, lotions, and sanitizers. They're specifically formulated to be gentle, hydrating and beneficial to the delicate skin on your hands and feet.

Natural sanitizing sprays you can toss in your purse or gym bag can help your body battle potential illness, without drying ingredients or harsh synthetic antibacterials. Hand and foot creams that moisturize, while providing nutrients and minerals to skin, are another essential for us, both at home and when we travel. Hand soaps that skip triclosan, which is detrimental to skin and the environment, give us that clean feeling without being stripping.

Keeping your hands and feet nourished and moisturized can help promote hydration and elasticity, while alleviating dryness, redness or irritation, and can help keep skin looking fresh, soothed and supple. Some of our favorite natural foot creams and hand moisturizers come from brands like Evolve Organic Beauty, Kosmatology, CV Skinlabs, Tenoverten, Osmia and Henné Organics. Indulge in naturally formulated products that your hands and feet will love!