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Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought yourself a shampoo + conditioner two-in-one treatment, whether out of convenience or just plain overwhelm when it comes to product options. It’s a common plight, as there are more two-in-one haircare offerings in the men’s product arena. And, we admit, it can seem easier (body wash that doubles as shampoo?!). But the truth is that products formulated for your hair and scalp will look a little different in their ingredient lists than products you apply to your skin.

We still think staying away from ingredients like silicones, parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulfates and phenoxyethanol is a must—they can lead to scalp irritation and dryness, as well as create a less hospitable environment for optimal hair growth. But on top of that, choosing haircare that’s right for your hair is as important as choosing the best moisturizer for your skin. That doesn’t mean creating a super complicated routine that requires more time and energy than you want to spend. But it does mean starting with thoughtful product choices that inevitably take the guesswork out of your haircare ritual.

With natural hair products for men from brands like Josh Rosebrook, Rahua, Yarok, Ursa Major and Meow Meow Tweet, you’ll find a wide (but not overwhelming!) range of haircare in our men’s collection that suits whatever hair type you have. Starting with a natural men's shampoo and conditioner and finishing with a green styling treatment (like our natural men's hair cream) that supports your hair’s natural texture helps streamline your routine and will help give you your best hair yet. From thick and curly to fine and straight, we’ve got men’s haircare products that enhance both your hair, and your overall well-being. Browse our men's natural hair products below.