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Sleep is one of our anchors to wellness—it’s the time our bodies repair, reset, detox and heal, so it’s key that we’re not just getting enough hours logged, but that those hours are restful and deep. Enter our collection of all-natural sleep aids, ranging from essential oil blends and mists to spritz on your pillow before you lie down, to ingestibles that can help regulate your body’s rhythms, providing you with deeper, more restful zzzzzzz’s.

Many of our tried and tested blends harness the soothing power of plants to calm and relax both your mind and your central nervous system. Having a hard time falling asleep? Tossing and turning with anxiety during the night? Waking up feeling like you didn’t actually catch any winks? Feeling like you need to tap into some deep energy reserves? We’ve got the right mist, pillow spray, or essential oil to help sleep.

From brands like Lotus Wei and de Mamiel, these tools can be used in combination to help manage whatever sleep struggles you might be dealing with. And, just like the rest of the products we stock, you’ll never find artificial fragrances or synthetic preservatives in these carefully selected sleep aids. Instead, they rely on natural ingredients and botanical power to lull you back into dreamland, which can also make your days full of energy and productivity—trust us, we’ve tried them all!