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Integrity Botanicals Founders

There’s something to be said for following your youthful passions, just ask Terri and Marc Hall, co-founders of Integrity Botanicals. While Terri was always cooking up a new beauty treatment in her kitchen as a teen, Marc was obsessed with nutrition and creating healthy vitamin concoctions.

The two met during college at Rutgers and after getting married Terri went on to Parsons The New School For Design and pursued a career as a fashion designer while Marc went into finance. But years later, both discovered that they had the perfect ingredients for starting their own business focusing on green beauty and health.

Their recipe for becoming the premier online green beauty site was simple: Find luxurious, good-for-you products that deliver stellar results using only all-natural ingredients, educate their customers and deliver hands-on customer service.

These are their stories …


For Parson’s alum and former women’s contemporary fashion designer Terri Hall, the seeds for Integrity Botanicals and her passion for Green Beauty were sown when Terri was a teenager struggling with problematic skin that lasted throughout college. Terri spent countless hours researching and experimenting with myriad natural homemade remedies – from egg white masks to face cleansers to hair masks and anti-aging treatments — to sooth problematic skin, psoriasis and more.

Terri had always imagined that she would one day start her own clothing line, but a decade after graduating from Parsons and working for well-known designers, she found herself working as a freelance designer and re-thinking her career and her passion for natural, holistic beauty. It was a book gifted by her sister that Terri credits with truly sprouting Integrity Botanicals and serving as the catalyst that would forever change how she would look at the beauty industry.

The book, No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics, written by journalists Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, exposed Terri to the hidden world of the cosmetics industry and the vast lack of regulation for products and ingredients in some of the world’s most popular brands. Soon after, Terri launched Integrity Botanicals and after the birth of her son devoted herself to the Green Beauty industry and helping to educate customers on beauty products that were healthy, luxurious and full of integrity.


Integrity Botanicals co-founder Marc Hall has always been a self-described health fanatic. His love of nutrition and natural health grew through his passion for sports as a young boy and his thirst for studying ways to naturally enhance performance through a healthy diet and vitamin regimen.


That zest for healthy alternatives grew through college where Marc started out as a nutrition major. Although he eventually gave up nutrition for a degree in economics and a decade-long career in financial services, the two disciplines proved to be the perfect pairing for his role helping to shape and run Integrity Botanicals.


Marc, a wine enthusiast and passionate chef, spends his spare time in the kitchen. When he’s not cooking, he enjoys blending some of his favorite Integrity Botanicals products to come up with new concoctions. Who knows, an Integrity Botanicals line may one day be in their future!