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Jenny Pantinkin

Jenny Patinkin 

As a woman over 50 who got her start in the beauty industry at 40, Jenny Patinkin is highly attuned to age-related changes in the skin but also respects the aging process as part of life’s beauty, not a condition that needs to be cured. Jenny Patinkin's collection of beauty tools, including makeup brushes, helps to achieve fresh, natural-looking results without pulling or tugging on delicate skin, overapplying, or causing irritation that can lead to a dull or inflamed appearance.

Jenny Patinkin makeup accessories are handmade by jewelers and other highly skilled artisans and feature luxury elements such as genuine rose gold plating, genuine semi-precious gemstones, and elegant packaging. Jenny offers luxury quality at affordable prices.

Designed to her custom specifications, Jenny's products are intended to give maximum confidence and control. Features such as weighted bases, carefully calibrated proportions, and ergonomic shapes allow for ultimate user-comfort and success.

Jenny's products each feature eco-conscious elements, whether it’s sustainably sourced, vegan, organic, non-toxic or recyclable. Jenny's products and packaging are designed to be reusable or repurposable keepsakes rather than disposables.