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Soap. The term can conjure images of sudsy shower scenes, fluffy loofahs—and a nearly audible, squeaky-clean sensation. That feeling can actually be detrimental to your skin, which can be thrown off its natural pH balance by the formulas of traditional bars of soap. Often, bar soap from conventional brands has an out-of-balance ratio of synthetic mineral oil to lye, the combination of ingredients that comprise soap. When that balance leans too far away from the nourishing and restorative properties of the oil or fat, the soap actually becomes a detergent (yep, as in “laundry detergent”—flip your traditional bar soap around and notice how many of them are actually labeled as a detergent, not a soap). And a detergent is way too drying for your skin. After using one, your skin might feel tight, irritated or flaky, even if the brand boasts that it contains moisturizers to circumvent the issue.

Instead, we love organic and all-natural bar soaps for our face and body, which are made with saponified oils and butters from plants, and are crafted to ensure a pH balance that is beneficial for your skin (read: they leave a little bit of nourishing oil on your body, making them ideal moisturizing soaps for sensitive skin). Plus, our soaps from brands like Osmia, Organic Bath Co., Kahina Giving Beauty, Saltish and Meow Meow Tweet are scented with pure essential oils. This gives you a restorative and mood-boosting soap experience on top of revealing silky smooth, comfortable and moisturized skin. That's why these make such wonderful bar soaps for sensitive skin. We know these beautiful soaps, many of which are gentle enough for kiddos too, will become some of your favorite bath and shower buddies!