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Welcome to Integrity Botanicals and a new way of shopping for beauty and personal care products — a place where green really is the new black! 

Integrity Botanicals is the premier online shopping emporium for natural and organic beauty products. Founded by Terri and Marc Hall in 2011, Integrity Botanicals is dedicated to delivering a lush assortment of the world’s most luxurious green beauty and personal care products, curated, vetted and personally tested by a team of passionate health and beauty advocates.

Every product chosen by Integrity Botanicals nourishes both you and the environment without the use of harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives.

We’re a company with a conscience. And since our launch, we have also donated to and supported Environmental Working Group, one of the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organizations dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.

Some may say it's an anomaly; we call it Integrity. And we believe deeply in…

Introducing you to luxe products that are good for you

Natural, safe, organic ingredients

Testing and vetting each and every product

Educating our customers

Giving back

Removing harmful ingredients from beauty products

Ingredients that you can actually pronounce

Taking out harmful chemicals from beauty products

You and your beauty journey

We’re excited to be a part of your discovery, whether you are new to Integrity Botanicals or a longtime fan. Join us!