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anto yuko soap


Anto Yukon handmade bar soaps are cured in the Yukon Territory of Canada with all-natural ingredients, colorants, and a combination of therapeutic essential oils. All products are free from parabens, phthalates, petroleum products, artificial fragrances, and dyes. Moisturizing coconut and olive oil are at the base of every soap and nourish the skin leaving it soft and silky smooth.

Founded by Kym Rempel in the Yukon Territory, Anto Yukon is created from, and inspired by the natural beauty of the Yukon area. Their mission is to create small moments of beauty through scent, art, and a love of nature.

When you reach for an Anto Yukon natural handmade soap, reach beyond an ordinary experience. You deserve a bath and body product that provides an escape, whisking you away with the sight, smell, and touch of something wonderful. You want something sophisticated, but not artificial. You want something natural, but not dull. Anto combines enchanting artwork with first-rate, small-batch bath products that will transform an ordinary moment into an instant of functional beauty.  Each soap is packaged in a box with contemporary artwork by Canadian artist Meghan Hildebrand.