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It’s pretty tough to overstate the incredible power housed in essential oils. They often contain the most potent parts of a plant, and they usually retain nearly all of the beneficial properties each plant is known for. Why? Because they’re the pressed or distilled versions of those plants.

Essential oils are the compounded result of extracting some of the most powerful essences that plants, herbs and flowers contain. They’re like the concentrate of a plant’s powers, which makes them incredibly effective. They can be antibacterial and antifungal, which is great for cleaning or topical use. They can be soothing or calming to the nervous system, which is fabulous for inhaling or applying to irritated skin. They can be energizing and help you hone your focus, which is a reason to keep them on your desk at work. Essential oils have such a wide range of benefits that you’re sure to find one that can help treat your ailments.

From brands like LILFOX, the all-natural essential oils we’ve collected are ethically sourced, and have been vetted for their strength and efficacy. Many conventional essential bath oil brands contain fillers that decrease the EO’s potency, or add unnecessary ingredients into the mix (including artificial fragrance oil or artificial preservatives). We say to skip those, as they won’t give you the same results as pure essential oils, from trusted sources, and the addition of synthetic ingredients can actually be harmful to you long-term. Instead, when you buy essential oils online, look for all-natural essential oils that clearly denote where they’re sourced from and ones that don’t contain filler ingredients. That way you’ll reap the myriad of benefits from these potent plant parts, and enjoy the mood-boosting, energizing lift!  

Please note that not all essential oils are safe for children, pets or those who are pregnant. Do not consume essential oils, and do not use them undiluted on skin.