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In our modern age, we’re spending loads of time indoors, on our computers and in front of screens. That can mean that we’re exposed to stagnant and sometimes polluted indoor air. Aside from creating an urban jungle in your home (which we also recommend), one way to help refresh and renew your stale indoor air is with aromatherapy room mists that combine essential oils to create cleansing and soothing scents.

We’re not talking about those artificial plug-ins or those aerosol spray cans of seaside scents—those are often comprised of synthetic fragrances, which can be a cocktail of unregulated and unsafe chemicals. Instead, our all-natural aromatherapy & essential oil mists rely on the properties of herbs, plants and flowers to craft beautiful scents that can not only help rejuvenate the air in your living room, bathroom or bedroom, but can also provide a mood-boosting lift. Brands like Lotus Wei, Province Apothecary and milk + honey have thoughtfully blended botanicals to enhance your mood and your home. Insider tip: We love to travel with a cleansing room mist to spritz around us once we reach our home-away-from-home destination!