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Sunblock + sunscreen = the easiest ways to protect skin from signs of aging… but they’re also often one of the most forgotten parts of a skin care routine. When it comes to sun exposure, your skin needs the best natural beauty can provide, to ensure you’re not absorbing the potentially damaging side effects of UVA and UVB rays. That means physical, not chemical, sun blockers.

Let us break it down: Chemical sunscreens (we’re talking oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate) absorb into skin, and then absorb UV rays, converting them to heat and releasing them from the body. The problem is that these ingredients haven’t undergone long-term testing to confirm that they’re safe to use frequently, over large areas of our bodies (hello, apply-every-two-hours rule), and they’ve been found stuck in people’s bodies days or weeks later.

Instead, physical (or mineral) sun blockers like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, sit on top of the skin and immediately reflect UV rays away. They don’t have the same links to long-term issues and they can be reapplied with no qualms. That’s why we stock natural sun protection products, so you can feel protected, both from the sun’s rays and from potential side effects. Plus, natural and mineral formulas are often loaded with with plant-based antioxidants that also help prevent and repair damage from the sun’s rays. So you get the one-two punch of a natural sunblock and a preventative treatment, all in one.

And, in case you’re worried about that stereotypical white-nose-on-the-lifeguard look—gone are the days when physical sun blockers result in a bright white residue on your complexion. All-natural sunscreen & sunblock like those from Babo Botanicals, Solara Suncare, Kari Gran, Josh Rosebrook, Kypris and Raw Elements eliminate the white-cast and instead provide protection that’s perfect for everyday use.