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When you’re talking about a product that you not only use every day, but you also put into your mouth on the daily, you want it to be safe enough to swallow (even accidentally). That’s why we’ve put a number of all-natural oral care products to the test. The ones we’ve decided to stock are free of two common irritants: sodium lauryl sulfate (a chemical compound that functions as a foaming agent) and fluoride (a combination of chemicals that is often in traditional toothpaste to theoretically strengthen enamel).

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant, which means it creates that foaming feel and it helps food and bacteria particles in your mouth disperse, making them easier to rinse out. The issue is that a lot of people are sensitive to these (sometimes harsh) foaming agents, and SLS can cause or worsen irritation, redness and canker sores. Fluoride is another controversial ingredient. While it’s been added to traditional toothpastes to protect enamel, there’s mixed research on if it really helps prevent cavities—or if it contributes to other issues, like kidney stones and cancer, because many people are ingesting too much.

So, to be inclusive, safe, and friendly to everyone’s mouth, we only carry all-natural toothpaste without fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate. You can rest assured that these will leave your mouth feeling minty fresh, without the side effects.