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Amly Botanicals


Amly is the Old English name of an organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex, England.  

The founders of Amly Botanicals invited a renowned dowser to search for spring water under their land so they could nourish their family, plants and animals with ‘living’ water. Thankfully, he sourced a natural supply of silver-rich water deep in the earth. Now it flows through Amly's daily life, offering the freshness, ritual, balm, clarity and well being that the Amly founders would like to share with you.

Silver-rich water springs one hundred metres beneath Amly's organic land. It is high in naturally occurring silver, trace elements and minerals. The average silver concentration in natural water is 0.2–0.3 micro grammes per litre; Amly spring water has (on average) 7 micro grammes per litre of highly bioaccessible natural silver salts.

Synergizing alchemical craft with pioneering biotechnology, Amly consciously blends into their silver-rich spring water unadulterated, natural and organic botanicals. Many of them have an inherent affinity with Amly's organic wild-flower meadow and the ancient hedgerows of East Sussex, England. They enhance the formulation, infusing it with potent bioactive compounds, delivered at their highest possible concentration to ensure each ingredient in these all-natural facial products delivers a therapeutic effect on the skin. Flower waters are chosen because they interact with Amly's silver-rich water to convey the vital fluid that flowed through the plant at the time of harvest and express the life force and genetic blueprint of the plant in every drop. To obtain their organic flower waters and heighten their energy, Amly uses a very slow and gentle hydro-distillation process. 

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