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le prunier

Le Prunier 

In September 2018, siblings Jacqueline, Allison and Elaine Taylor collectively founded Le Prunier, an organic beauty line based on The Power of Plum®. The sisters built Le Prunier from an ancestral legacy that began in 1916 with their great grandfather who farmed the rich soils of Northern California, laying the seeds for four generations of family-operated farming. At the heart of the harvests, luscious purple-red, California plums.

Spending their youth immersed in farmer’s markets, seasonal harvests and trade shows, the sisters helped promote the family’s rapidly growing farm. In 1985 the Taylor family shifted to organic farming methods and expanded operations to Asia and Europe. In their travels with their father, the sisters discovered how the culture of the Caucasus region of Western Asia regards the dried plum as the “Fruit of Life”. In 2014, the Taylor sisters reexamined the skincare benefits of the farm’s main commodity and partnered with two world-renowned beauty labs.

While maintaining the family’s sustainable, organic farming practices, the Taylor sisters unlocked the extraordinary beauty benefits of this powerful fruit. Handcrafted from the Taylor’s sun-drenched plum orchards, Le Prunier carries precious and powerful plum beauty products and skincare, including an oil for face, body, and beyond. Today, the sisters carry on the farm’s legacy with a 4th generation perspective—tradition meets innovation®.