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Just moved into a new home? Wanting to clear the indoor air of your living space? Looking for a way to get grounded while meditating? Incense can help with any (and all) of these! Comprised of natural, ethically sourced wood and resin, natural incense sticks have been used for centuries to ground, clear space and open the mind. With their woodsy scents, they’re an incredible addition to rituals and meditation. They can also help evoke good energy, and an uplifting feel, which makes them a great house-warming gift or as a way to enhance your daily life. Some of them can also help ward off insects!

With our selections of incense & Palo Santo incense sticks from brands like Woodlot and Province Apothecary, you’ll find our incense can help provide the calming and clearing environment you want in your space. We love to burn them before we host friends, as a way to set an intention for our time together, and bring a beautiful scent into our space!