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Altitude Oil


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Gluten Free | Vegan | Safe for Pregnancy

A powerfully energizing oil that helps keep your head clear when you are constantly on-the-go or feeling congested. A handbag must-have.

This multi-tasking elixir is a naturally potent immune booster and pick me up to keep you feeling healthy and revitalized. The inhalation essence effectively works on multi-levels - it stimulates the senses, leading to more concentration and focus, it helps clear stuffy environments such as buses, trains and planes, works effectively for jet lag and offers natural relief for cold and allergies.

Delicate herbal-sweet Lavender helps calm down nerves and anxiety, while the zingy freshness of Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint uplift the senses. Powerful decongestants, Pine and Eucalyptus help clear a fuzzy head while the woodsy earthiness of Patchouli brings a sense of grounding when rushing around. Fragonia, a floral tea tree oil from Western Australia, lends a surprising delicacy with protective anti-infectious and antibacterial properties to keep the immune system boosted.  

Has an uplifting and soothing eucalyptus and lemon scent.

Size: 10 ml / 0.34 oz


Sprinkle a few drops on a tissue, or place a dab under each nostril. Breathe deeply to clear your head, chest and airways and to stimulate the senses.


Jojoba seed oil*, Lavender flower oil*, Eucalyptus leaf oil*, Fragonia leaf oil, Peppermint leaf oil*, Pine leaf oil*, Lemon myrtle leaf oil, Patchouli leaf oil*, Limonene˚, Geraniol˚, Linalol˚, Citronellol˚, Eugenol˚, Citral˚

*Certified organic / ˚Natural essential oil constituents