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Z Palette


Founded in 2009, Z Palette has a very clear mission: to help beauty lovers customize, organize and simplify their makeup. Z Palette is the original patented empty magnetic makeup palette with a clear window. Z Palette's goal is to empower you to transform your bulky makeup bags and messy bathroom counter tops into customized, organized and simplified works of art.

Aside from being lighter and more flexible than traditional plastic palettes, every component of the Z Palette is fully recyclable. Many cosmetics brands are going green with "refill" versions of your favorite products that are sold without all the extra packaging. They're usually a better value and they pop right into this customizable makeup palette.

Whether you're brand new to makeup or a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, everyone stands to benefit from a little less clutter and a lot more space. Z Palette contains all of your favorite products in one easy place!