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Red Flower

Petal Topped Candles


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100% Natural | 100% Vegan

Nature's bloom is transported indoors.  Pure flower fragrance fills a room with the intense scent of just-picked flowers.  Blended with the purest natural-burning wax for 45-50 hours of breathing, watching, lighting and living.  A slow, velvety and clean burn.

Topped with a cotton wick and scented petals.  Petals can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room or scatter the petals around it to bring the wonderful fragrance into the home. Petals can also be used in a sachet for drawers/closets or can be added to a bath with drops of oil.

Made with vegetable candle wax.



DETAILS: The lavender whose scent is put into the wax of this scented candle originated from the highest altitudes where it thrives and maintains its fresh fragrance. It is known for its incredible calming effects.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND:  Lavender, peperina, orange peel, rosemary

AROMATHERAPY:  Has a potent calming effect, and is effective at relaxing the nerves


DETAILS: River and moon flower extracts blended with a host of whole essential oils.  The pure innocence of freesia that radiates from afar, and the grassy floral of boronia that transcends the night. It's enough to give you a moonlight filled trance.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: River flower and moonflower fragrance oils and whole essential oils of rose absolute, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa, lavender, armoise

AROMATHERAPY: Induces euphoria, treat headaches, asthma and insomnia.


DETAILS: This beautiful evening fragrance gives off a sweet and seductive scent. It's an amazing combination of aromas from herbs and citrus, resulting into an intoxicating scent.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND:  Mixed petals from jasmine, neroli, tangerine, ylang-ylang

AROMATHERAPY: Relieves stress and lifts the mood.


DETAILS: Sourced from Italy and Spain. The scented petals on top gives a great final touch to the already relaxing fragrance. 

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Orange blossom, grapefruit, blood orange rind, italian blood orange

AROMATHERAPY: The citrus oils uplift the mood.


DETAILS: Called the "companion of serenity", the Japanese Peony was considered a symbol of beauty in old China.  An intense yet relaxing fragrance of the famous flowers growing in the trees of northern Japan. Feel awakened by the invigorating blend of peony flower blossoms augmented by hints of lilies, lemon blossoms, bulgarian roses, and clove oil.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Clove oil, peony, valley lilies, lemon blossom, bulgarian rose

AROMATHERAPY:  Clears the mind, enhances mental function


DETAILS: Moroccans use these roses as a way of welcoming guests. From the atlas mountains, Morocco, specifically in the valley of roses.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Rose otto, bulgarian rose, damascus rose, along with musky undertones of patchouli, coriander

AROMATHERAPY:  Calms the mind and brings a sense of balance. 


DETAILS: New coastal air that brings the smell of flowers, herbs, and trees near the sea.  Laurel leaf symbolizes glory.  

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Clove bud, cardamom seed, laurel leaf oil, copaiba oil, eucalyptus leaf oils.

AROMATHERAPY:  Boosts immune system, stimulating, improves memory, opens the airwaves and clears the lungs.


DETAILS: Not all those who wander are lost. It is the impulse we all harbor. To turn blind corners and explore alleys to make the foreign, familiar and acquire bits of ourselves along the way.  A collection of scents and memories gathered from wandering the streets of a New York in the winter.  The essence of the season in an intensely-scented room diffuser.

ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Hinoki cypress wood, gurjum balsam resin, vetivert grass, red cedarwood atlas, mandarin rind, cistus rockrose oil

AROMATHERAPY: A grounding, meditative effect and the unique composition of tree bark, grass, rinds, and resin addresses mental or emotional fatigue and promotes perseverance. Boosts immunity.

Size: 6 oz

Packaged in 77% post-consumer recycled paper. Printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. Made in the U.S.A. 


Remove the scented petals from the top of the candle. Trim wick before lighting candle.  Petals can be emptied into a small dish to subtly scent a room or scatter the petals around it to bring the wonderful fragrance into the home. Petals can also be used in a sachet for drawers/closets or can be added to a bath with drops of oil.  Burn time of candle is 45-50 hours.



Lavender oil, orange oil, peperina, rosemary oil, sage leaf oil, food grade dye, vegetable-based candle wax.


Armoise whole essential oil, cedar wood oil, clove bud oil, coriander whole essential oil, food grade dye, jasmine sambac oil, lavender flower water, palmarosa grass oil, rosa damascena oil, sandalwood oil, vegetable-based candle wax.


Enfleurage, food grade dye, jasmine sambac oil, neroli, orange blossom concentrate, tangerine oil, vegetable-based candle wax, ylang ylang oil.


Blood orange oil, cold pressing, food grade dye, grapefruit seed extract, orange blossom concentrate, vegetable-based candle wax.


Clove oil, damask rose oil, food grade dye, lemon oil, lily of the valley oil, maceration, peony oil, vegetable-based candle wax.


Coriander whole essential oil, damask rose oil, food grade dye, patchouli oil, rosa damascena oil, vegetable-based candle wax.


Bay laurel essential oil, cardamom oil, clove bud oil, copaiba balsam oil, eucalyptus whole essential oil, food grade dye, vegetable-based candle wax.


Cedar wood oil, cistus oil, food grade dye, gurjum balsam oil, vegetable-based candle wax, wanderlust fragrance*, whole essential oil blend. *proprietary fragrance blend from botanical sources.