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Lotus Wei

True Strength Anointing Oil


Description +

True Strength Anointing Oil from Lotus Wei is made in a base of organic jojoba oil with organic essential oils and transformative flower essences. Free of phthalates, synthetics, and chemicals. Packaged as a dropper applicator.  Alcohol Free. 

EXPERIENCEWholeness, self-compassion; interconnectedness, community, belonging; inner divine masculine qualities like stability, strength, protection, support; physical stability & balance; determination, momentum; optimism, infinite possibilities, openness to growth & opportunities, fresh perspective.

DISSOLVES: Isolation, withdrawal, loneliness, separation; sense of feeling incomplete, longing, missing; feeling lost, unsupported or without a foundation; old father wounds, abandonment; overexertion, being stretched too thin, doubts, being stuck in the details, unable to finish; worry, negative thoughts, pessimism, dread, complaining; intergenerational DNA patterns from family lineage or from past lives. 

AROMA: Wood Resin, like a campfire with s'mores & sacred tobacco.


+ Pink Torch Ginger - Interconnectedness, self-compassion, wholeness, transmutation of wounds

+ Redwood Tree - Divine masculine, strength, protection, support, stability; community, belonging

+ Horsetail - Strong foundation, determination, momentum

+ Strawberry Blossom - Optimism, openness to growth & opportunities, fresh perspective

+ Pink Lotus - Wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding

+ Yarrow - Revitalization of energetic field; energy, vitality, clarity of mind

GEMSTONE - Malaya Garnet Essence - Integration of fragmented pieces; dissolve past pain; regain the power of your whole being; protection & spiritual healing 

Size: 5 ml

Application +

Apply to pulse points (wrists, neck, behind ears) every couple of hours, 5x/day for transformative results.  Use as a scented pick-me-up throughout the day.  Apply to your wrists before bed + enjoy the scent as you drift to sleep.


*Simmondsia chinesis (Jojoba) Oil, Cedrus atlantica (Cedar) Oil, Styrax benzoin (Benzoin) Oil, Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki) Oil, Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom) Oil, Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco) Absolute, Etlingera elatior (Pink Torch Ginger) Flower Essence, Sequoia sempervirens (Redwood) Essence, Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Flower Essence, Fragaria (Strawberry Blossom) Flower Essence, Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Essence, Nelumbo nucifera (Lotus) Flower Essence and Malaya Garnet Gem Essence.

*Certified Organic