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Gone are the days where one potent, aerosol spray should be asked to solve all your body care problems. Yes, one, quick spray is easy, but it’s really not doing you an favors—and it can actually be linked to causing more problems than it’s solving. One of the biggest issues with the traditional body & skin care products for men comes in the form of scent. Those manly, woodsy scents that deodorant, body wash, shave cream and lotion come in are often just a cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals that at least can be linked to headaches and skin irritation and at most can be linked to reproductive issues and hormone disruption. Not so manly now, are they?

But let’s also be real for a minute here: Sometimes men need stronger protection against body odor, and the “natural” scents of the past haven’t cut it. Thankfully, we’re now in an era where green, all-natural body products for men are better than ever. And, they’re utilizing ingredients that are better for your body, all while working hard and fast for whatever your need. The natural scents that they employ, sourced from essential oils, herbs and plants, not only beat body odor but they can also be mood-boosting—they do double duty, all while keeping your skin and body happier and healthier.

Whether you’re searching for a deodorant strong enough for your workouts, or you need a body lotion that absorbs fast and keeps your skin hydrated, our selection of body products from brands like Organic Bath Co., Soapwalla, Meow Meow Tweet, Routine, Osmia, Lone, Ursa Major and Agent Nateur can be your answer—and can help you ditch that all-in-one body spray once and for all.