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The first step in any complete skincare routine is your cleanser. It not only helps remove makeup, dirt and grime from your skin, but it also can help to balance your skin’s pH and ready it to accept the nutrients it needs from the rest of your ritual. What’s incredible about green beauty cleansers is that they don’t strip skin of natural oils. You know that squeaky clean, sometimes slightly painful (and definitely drying) feeling your skin can get after cleansing? That’s not actually good for your complexion—it can mean your skin’s natural barrier has been disrupted, making it harder for your skin to regulate. But our all-natural facial cleansers are gentler, and won’t push your skin to imbalance. Instead, they’ll help remove excess oil and makeup, and leave skin feeling cleansed, soothed and happy. Plus, they come in so many amazing formulas, from cleansing balms and oils, to gels, creams and milks. We also carry all-natural facial exfoliants that help clear out pores and get rid of dead skin cells, to help your skin to reveal a clearer, calmer and less flaky complexion. Choose from manual (ready: gritty) or chemical (read: fruit or glycolic acids) exfoliants, depending on your skin type. They’re all scented with natural fragrances too—no artificial scents here! Whether you’re looking for a bar cleanser from Osmia or Meow Meow Tweet, (hello, easy travel buddy), a cleansing balm from d'still, de Mamiel or Mahalo, or a natural skin cleanser from One Love Organics, Mukti Organics, Evolve Organic Beauty or Josh Rosebrook, these natural beauty options can give your skin the preparation it needs to get on its way to glowing.