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The second step in your hair care routine, conditioner is a helpful tool to pair with natural shampoo to ensure your locks are hydrated, healthy and happy. Contrary to traditional conditioner instructions, both your scalp and your strands can use the moisturizing that all-natural conditioner ingredients can provide.

Conventional conditioners often rely on silicones to smooth hair’s cuticle, produce that super silky feeling and tame split ends and flyaways. But, silicones are almost like plastic or rubber. They don’t actually moisturize strands—they often sit on top of your hair, acting like a sealant that can block your hair from being able to absorb hydration. It can provide the illusion of shine, but can leave a residue that’s hard to remove, and can contribute to the vicious cycle of scalp greasiness. Since you can’t actually repair split ends with any ingredient, silicone included (sorry to break it to you!), taking care of your scalp so it can flourish and grow strong strands is key.

Our natural, silicone-free conditioners for healthy hair do that, using hydrating ingredients that you’ll often find in skin care: plant oils, butters and extracts, combined with strengthening agents that can help prevent hair breakage and dull locks. Formulas from some of the powerhouses in the natural beauty world, like Rahua, Innersense, Ursa Major, EvolvH and Yarok, rely on these natural, powerful ingredients to help reveal your healthiest scalp and strands. No more bad hair days here!