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Are you a lip balm fanatic? Us too. That’s why we’ve stocked some of the most luscious and moisturizing balms natural beauty has to offer. Did you know that traditional lip treatments usually include mineral oil, a liquid byproduct of petroleum? Not only do we hesitate to put a petroleum-derived ingredient on our skin, but we also know that mineral oil can often be contaminated with toxins that we know to be unsafe for skin application. That, plus the fact that it’s incredibly easy to ingest what you put on your lips makes us steer clear of mineral oil all together. Plus, it doesn’t really do much for your skin, and can even lead to dehydration, because it creates a barrier on your lips, not allowing moisture to get in.

Instead, we look for all-natural lip balms, scrubs, & moisturizers that contain humectant ingredients, ingredients that actually attract water molecules and contribute to plump, hydrated lips. Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and plant-based waxes do that, and they provide lips with nutrients that synthetically derived oils can’t. With incredible flavors (and colors!) from brands like Hurraw!, LILFOX, Kari Gran, Henné Organics, Osmia, Twelve Beauty and more, you’ll be sure to find a lip balm that you can fall in love with (and one without toxic ingredients to boot!).