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Oh, fragrance. It can be one of the hardest beauty products to swap, because your fragrance can embody and define you. But organic and all-natural fragrance oils don’t carry with them either the cloying nature of some traditional scents or the harmful synthetic chemicals that companies can hide in artificial fragrance due to Trade Secret laws. Instead, all-natural perfumes and fragrances are based on plant oils and essential oils, giving them a full-bodied nature and aromatherapeutic benefits.

Fragrance can be so personal and close to your heart, so we’ve selected scents from all-natural perfume brands like Abel, Lotus Wei, Ayuna and Leahlani Skincare, to help you find the perfect natural perfume without chemicals. From sweet scents to earthy spices, from fragrant florals to complex citruses, you’ll surely find an all-natural fragrance oil or natural perfume oil that helps tell your story, all while being good to your body.