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One of the things we love about our natural shampoo options is their ability to transform our showers from a boring, utilitarian necessity to an exciting, spa-like experience. Part of that comes from the incredible ingredients that our natural shampoo brands like Rahua, EvolvH, Yarok and Captain Blankenship use in their hair nourishing, environmentally safe formulas.  Our shampoos never contain harsh surfactants or sulfates, which can dry out scalp and hair. These ingredients can lend themselves to overwashing your strands, because they create an abundant foam, which actually strips your hair of its natural, protective oils. Your scalp tries to rebalance itself, producing more oil and leading to a greasy feeling, faster—which then makes you feel like you need to lather up again. You’re left using your shampoo (and conditioner) up faster, which is more money out of your pocket and creates unnecessary environmental waste.

So, we skip those ingredients, opting instead for natural lathering agents, combined with soothing plant oils, butters and extracts that allow your locks to stay balanced, and hydrated without feeling the need for daily washing. You end up with softer, smoother, happier hair, all while taking care of your body and the environment. It’s reason to whip your hair back and forth!