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These aren’t your mother’s toners, or the toners you remember from your teenage years. Instead of stinging as you swipe them on, or being prone to dry out your skin thanks to their alcohol content, these natural, hydrating face toners and mists do pretty much the opposite. They actually help your skin get back in balance after cleansing or masking. Toners have traditionally been a take-it-or-leave-it step in a skin care routine, but these beautiful blends will have you craving their light mists. They can (and should, in our opinion) be a crucial addition to your daily ritual. They re-hydrate skin after cleansing, helping to rebalance skin’s pH levels, and serving a gentle reminder to skin to produce the right amount of natural, emollient oil. They also prep skin to best absorb oil-based serums. That thing about oil and water being opposites? It’s totally true, but when oil and water are emulsified (read: gently combined by friction), they create the best combination of hydration and nourishment for your skin. Lightly spritzing on a hydrating face mist or toner before your face oil or serum can actually provide the best canvas for your skin to benefit from the nutrients in your treatments. See why a natural face toner or mist is truly an essential step? And we’ve got some of the most coveted around, from brands like Leahlani Skincare, Blüh Alchemy, LILFOX, Max & Me, Laurel, de Mamiel, Josh Rosebrook, Tata Harper, Fitglow Beauty and Amly. We also love them to set our makeup or as a midday pick-me-up (many of them contain mood-boosting scents!). From distilled floral waters to essences of essential oils, you’ll find a natural, hydrating face toner or mist that’s right for your skin type—and we know you’ll love adding this step to your routine!