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We classify a “normal” skin type as one that looks and feels balanced overall. When you cleanse and don’t moisturize immediately, you find that your skin feels generally soothed, and not overly dry or oily within a few minutes. But, that doesn’t mean “normal” skin can be neglected—it needs just as much love and nourishment as other skin types, to help prevent it from sliding out of balance.

The natural skin care products we’ve selected here are good for normal skin and are meant to capitalize on your skin’s happiness. You’ll find masks and treatments that encourage cell turnover, so your skin stays glowing. You’ll find toners and serums that infuse skin with nutrients and vitamins to maintain your even, toned complexion. With products from brands like Laurel, Blüh Alchemy, Agent Nateur, Maya Chia, Leahlani Skincare and Josh Rosebrook, you can browse a wide selection of targeted and beneficial formulas that all support your skin’s natural radiance.