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Young skin (read: those teenage years) can be unpredictable in ways that post-puberty skin isn’t. With fluctuating hormones and the body’s natural path to finding adulthood, your skin can be an innocent bystander, highlighting the internal changes going on. Whether skin feels unbalanced or breakouts are common, angry and irritated youthful skin doesn’t have to be the norm. Natural ingredients can help remind skin how to regulate itself, how to bring itself back to balance and how to reveal a smoother, calmer complexion. Youthful skin can benefit from nourishing skincare with an infusion of vitamins and minerals that can help calm inflammation, help balance oil production, and help decrease breakouts. We love incorporating masking and spot treatments into a skincare regime for teen skin. Targeting breakouts or blemishes can not only help reduce them, but it can also prevent other parts of your complexion from drying out. With help from youth skin products from brands like Osmia, Evolve Organic Beauty, Ursa Major, and Blissoma, unpredictable skin can become a thing of the past.