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fath luxury skincare


FāTH launched in early 2021 and was born out of decades of horticulture expertise and a belief that connection to nature is vital for wellness. 

Having spent years mixing home remedies from the plants she grew in her garden, founder, Faith Appleton, was inspired to use her botanical insights to craft a luxurious skincare ritual that restored vibrance to skin, spirit and planet. And skincare had always been in her makeup: As a girl on her family’s island off the coast of Maine, Faith made her first skincare product — a muddled seaweed mask that she lovingly slathered on family, friends and self as part of her desire to literally soak nature into her body.

Many moons, countless dips in the sea, and three children later, her namesake line became a reality as an amalgamation of the world’s finest botanical ingredients with professional formulation specialized in herbalism and emulsification. The result is more than a luxury botanical skincare routine. It’s a meditative ritual. A reconnection to the natural world. A coming home to planet Earth and all the beauty born of it.

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