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If you’re looking to treat someone special to a beautiful and thoughtful gift, you’ve landed in the right place. Giving the gift of all-natural, environmentally friendly beauty products is right up our alley, and we’ve curated a really special collection of our favorites here. Sometimes, gift-giving is about buying someone something they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, and we’ve used that idea as the basis for our collection of natural gifts. We love the idea of selecting a new product for a friend or family member as an introduction to the wonderful world of naturals too, so you’ll find curated options of makeup, skin care, body care, soaps and more that help make naturals accessible, all while showcasing their beauty and efficacy. Looking for a host present? Try a candle, some aromatherapy or a room diffuser. Choosing a gift for a birthday? Explore perfumes, makeup selections and bath soaks. With a wide range of environmentally friendly gift ideas from brands like Vintner's Daughter, Max & Me, Josh Rosebrook, de Mamiel, Mahalo, Hynt Beauty, Osmia and more, you’ll find just what you’re looking for (and what your gift recipient wants). And if you just can’t choose, know that we’ve also got you covered there—an Integrity Botanicals gift card gives anyone the freedom to choose what all-natural products they’ve been coveting. So sit back, don’t stress and enjoy the browsing, because no matter what you select, we know it’ll be a success (and, you might find a little something for yourself in the process!).