Max and Me

Facial Cloth


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Cleanses & Clears

Linen and algae from pristine Icelandic fjords, along with fibers of the eucalyptus tree, have been woven to create this fine cloth.

Algae from the clear, pristine fjords of Iceland, the land of the elves:

Algae activate and support the cellular detoxification process. Their high level of vital minerals and antioxidants helps protect your skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Organic Linen:

Linen has the highest vibrations of all natural textiles. The linen used to make the max and me cloth is derived from monitored organic cultivation. The fabric is manufactured using purely natural methods in an Austrian linen- weaving mill. Linen is made from fibers of flax – one of the oldest plants in the world to be grown as an agricultural crop – with its lovely purple-bluish flowers.

Eucalyptus Fibres:

Eucalyptus has a wonderful energetic cleansing effect on body and soul.


So gentle and tender.  The Max and Me cloth gives your skin the anti-inflammatory, detoxicate, anti-oxidant properties of the algae, and the bactericidal talents and the wonderfully energetic cleansing effect of linen. Thanks to its structure, the Max and Me cloth has a gentle exfoliating effect and stimulates the microcirculation of the skin.

Size: Approximately 11"x11"


A wonderful fine cloth for daily cleansing. Best when used with Max and Me facial cleansing oil. Remove the Max and Me Purity & Grace facial
 oil cleanser with this fine cloth after massaging it into your dry skin. 
If desired, you may repeat the massage with moist fingertips. Then moisten the max and me cloth generously, wring it out and remove the max and me facial cleansing oil using a soft circular motion. This has a gentle exfoliating effect, as well as activating the microcirculation within your skin. After use, wash in warm water and air-dry. When needed, machine
wash at 30 degrees.


Organic Linen, Algae from Pristine Fjords of Iceland, Eucalyptus Fibres.